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A Journey Round John: Tradition, Interpretation and Context in the Fourth Gospel (by Wendy E. S. North)
The Library of New Testament Studies
Published: 06-18-2015
ISBN: 9780567660305


In A Journey Round John Wendy E. S. North considers a range of themes relevant to the interpretation of the Fourth Gospel. First, the relationship between the Gospel and 1 John. North explores the value of the Epistle as a means of identifying traditional material the evangelist knew; on which basis she appeals to 1 John to account for the form of Jesus’ prayer in chapter 11. Second, John’s Christology in which North looks to John’s cultural roots in monotheistic Judaism to understand his capacity to align Jesus with God. Third, the crucial issue of ‘the Jews’ in John, where North clarifies the data by observing a narrative logic in John’s use of the expression. Fourth, North identifies John’s ‘anticipated’ eschatology as a consolation strategy aimed at a readership struggling under life-threatening circumstances in the absence of Jesus. Finally, North looks at John and the Synoptics, and demonstrates how evidence drawn from the Gospel itself can serve to indicate whether or not John composed directly on the basis of the Synoptic record. This collection draws together a number of ground-breaking studies from over thirty years of work on the Fourth Gospel, presenting a coherent development of thought on this crucial Christian text.

Table of Contents

1. Satan in the Fourth Gospel
2. ‘Is not this Jesus, the Son of Joseph . . .?’ (John 6.42): Johannine Christology as a Challenge to Faith
3. ‘The Scripture’ in John 17.12
4. Witnesses to what was ap arches: 1 John’s Contribution to Our Knowledge of Tradition in the Fourth Gospel
5. Jesus’ Prayer in John 11
6. John for Readers of Mark? A Response to Richard Bauckham’s Proposal
7. Monotheism and the Gospel of John: Jesus, Moses and the Law
10. The Image of Martha in Luke 10,38-42 and in John 11,1-12,8
11. ‘The Jews’ in John’s Gospel: Observations and Inferences
12. Bethany Beyond Jordan
13. The Anointing in John 12:1-8: A Tale of Two Hypotheses
14. ‘Lord, if you had been here . . .’ (John 11.21): The Absence of Jesus and Strategies of Consolation in the Fourth Gospel
13 Points and Stars: John and the Synoptics