9780567637666Attitudes to Gentiles in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity

Editor(s): David C. Sim, James S. McLaren
Source: The Library of New Testament Studies
Subjects: Biblical Studies
Publisher: Bloomsbury T&T Clark
Publication Year : 01-02-2014





1. 논문 소개

This volume describes the attitudes towards Gentiles in both ancient Judaism and the early Christian tradition. The Jewish relationship with and views about the Gentiles played an important part in Jewish self-definition, especially in the Diaspora where Jews formed the minority among larger Gentile populations. Jewish attitudes towards the Gentiles can be found in the writings of prominent Jewish authors (Josephus and Philo), sectarian movements and texts (the Qumran community, apocalyptic literature, Jesus) and in Jewish institutions such as the Jerusalem Temple and the synagogue. In the Christian tradition, which began as a Jewish movement but developed quickly into a predominantly Gentile tradition, the role and status of Gentile believers in Jesus was always of crucial significance. Did Gentile believers need to convert to Judaism as an essential component of their affiliation with Jesus, or had the appearance of the messiah rendered such distinctions invalid? This volume assesses the wide variety of viewpoints in terms of attitudes towards Gentiles and the status and expectations of Gentiles in the Christian church. 

2. 논문 목차

Part 1: Judaism
1. Gentiles, God-Fearers and Proselytes – David C. Sim
2. Josephus and the Gentiles – James S. McLaren
3. Philo and the Gentiles – David Runia
4. The Qumran Community and the Gentiles – John J. Collins
5. The Temple and the Gentiles – James S. McLaren
6. The Synagogue and the Gentiles – Donald Binder
7. Jesus of Nazareth and the Gentiles – Amy-Jill Levine
8. The Apocalyptic Literature and the Gentiles – Michael Theophilos

Part 2: Christianity
9. Q and the Gentiles – Christopher Tuckett
10. Paul and the Gentiles – Donald A. Hagner
11. Mark and the Gentiles – Ian J. Elmer
12. Matthew and the Gentiles – David C. Sim
13. Luke-Acts and the Gentiles – Elizabeth Dowling
14. John and the Gentiles – Mary Coloe
15. The Deutero-Pauline Epistles and the Gentiles – Alan Cadwallader
16. The Didache and the Gentiles – Jonathon Draper