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[논문] Die Areopagrede des Paulus und Reden bei Josephus (by Vitor Hugo Schell)
2016. XII, 317 pages. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe 419


According to Vítor Hugo Schell, the Book of Acts is a historical work of art. In this volume, his comparative analysis of Paul’s Areopagus sermon in Acts 17 and Hellenistic-Jewish historian Flavius Josephus’ written observations lead to the discovery of new facets of the Luke-Acts author’s literary strategies. The Areopagus speech is juxtaposed to the Bellum and Antiquities speeches, the two longest Josephus representations and the only surviving examples of a limited “subgenus” within early Jewish historiography. Fundamental questions posed by this study are how Josephus’ writings facilitate a better understanding of both Paul’s Areopagus speech and the Acts’ author, and how Josephus is perceived as an ancient historian. The comparison of formal and thematic characteristics makes a specific contribution to interpreting the apostle’s famous address to the Athenians and the entire Lucan work.