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[논문] Die Verwandlung Jesu Christi: Historisch-kritische und patriotische Studien (by Cosmin Pricop)
2016. XVIII, 378 pages. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe 422


The current orthodox exegesis is still almost entirely marked out by the appropriation of patristic Biblical interpretations and their hermeneutics, while the western exegesis since the Enlightenment has undergone a profound hermeneutical reflection and has developed a corresponding array of methodical instruments. That for which orthodox exegesis is typical, is held to be insufficient by Western exegesis scholars – and vice versa. In his study, Cosmin Pricop poses the question as to how these approaches could mutually enrich one another. He correlates patristic interpretations of the Bible with the scholarly methods of Western exegesis using the example of the narrative of Christ’s transfiguration and shows how the two could reciprocally complement each other. Thus, Pricop’s study is conceived as a contribution to ecumenism.