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Jesus and the Scriptures: Problems, Passages and Patterns (edited by Tobias Hägerland)
The Library of New Testament Studies 552
Published: 02-11-2016
ISBN: 9780567665034


The four Gospels unanimously present Jesus as someone who quoted from, commented on, and engaged with the Scriptures of Israel. Whether this portrayal goes back to the historical Jesus has been a hotly debated issue among scholars. In this book, eleven expert researchers from four different continents tackle the question anew. This is done through detailed study of specific themes and passages from the Scriptures which Jesus, according to the Gospels, quoted or alluded to.

Among the various topics investigated are Jesus’ use of Genesis 2 to bolster his teaching on divorce, his reference to the Queen of Sheba story in 1 Kings, the significance of the Book of Zechariah for Jesus’ self-understanding, and his enigmatic quotation of Psalm 22 on the cross. These and other contributions result in a common understanding of Jesus’ use of the Scriptures. Not only did Jesus engage with the Scriptures, according to these scholars, but his mode of engagement has to be placed within the early Jewish interpretative framework within which he lived.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Problems of Method for Studying Jesus and the Scriptures

1. Jesus and the Scriptures: Problems of Authentication and Interpretation
Tobias Hägerland, Lund University, Sweden

Part 2: Passages of Scripture in the Jesus Tradition

2. Genesis 2:24 and the Jesus Tradition
William Loader, Murdoch University, Australia, and North-West University, South Africa

3. The Queen of Sheba and the Jesus Traditions
Kim Huat Tan, Trinity Theological College, Singapore

4. Jesus’ Exorcistic Identity Reconsidered: The Demise of a Solomonic Typology
Jennifer Nyström, Lund University, Sweden

5. Being ‘God-Taught’: Isaiah 54:13 as Prolegomenon to the Teaching Ministry of Jesus
Jonathan A. Blanke, Trinity Lutheran Church, USA

6. The Day of the Lord is Coming: Jesus and the Book of Zechariah
Fernando Bermejo-Rubio, UNED [Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia], Spain

7. Jesus and the Devout Psalmist of Psalm 22
Ville Auvinen, Theological Institute of Finland, Finland

Part 3: Patterns in Jesus’ Use of Scripture

8. A Servant Like the Master: A Jewish Christian Hermeneutic for the Practice of the Torah
Edwin K. Broadhead, Berea College, USA.

9. Jesus the Sage and His Provocative Parables
Ben Witherington III, Asbury Theological Seminary, USA and St Andrews University, UK

10. A Sign from Heaven and the Word of Scripture: Jesus’ Miracles at Stake
Jan Roskovec, Charles University, Prague

11. Re-examining the Last Supper Sayings in Light of the Hebrew Scriptures
Mary J. Marshall, Murdoch University, Australia