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New Testament Verbs of Communication: A Case Frame and Exegetical Study (by Paul L. Danove)
The Library of New Testament Studies
Published: 02-26-2015
ISBN: 9780567228468


Paul Danove builds upon his previous work in the field of biblical linguistics to provide a refinement to the method of Case Frame analysis as applied to the Greek of the New Testament. He also shows how the method can be used in clarifying elements of Greek grammar, interpretation, and translation. In particular Danove distinguishes the semantic implications of active, middle, and passive usages of verbs. He establishes a rigorous basis for distinguishing semantic synonyms and near-synonyms and for clarifying their implications for interpretation and translation. Additionally, he generates an heuristic feature model for relating distinct usages of verbs and deriving their various connotations, and he seeks to clarify the conceptual and grammatical differences of verbs of oral and non-oral communication.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Case Frame Analysis
2. The Conceptualization and Grammaticalization of Communication
3. Event ACE (Agent Content Experiencer)
4. Event AEC (Agent Experiencer Content)
5. Events ATE (Agent Topic Experiencer) and AET (Agent Experiencer Topic)
6. Non-Communication Events and Their Usages
7. The Distribution of Events, Usages, and Realizations of Complements
8. Implications, Applications, and Conclusions
9. The Case Frame Lexicon and Parsing Guide of Verbs of Communication