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[논문] Quest for the Historical Jesus after the Demise of Authenticity: Toward a Critical Realist Philosophy of History in Jesus Studies (by Jonathan Bernier)
Published: 11-17-2016
ISBN: 9780567662866
Imprint: Bloomsbury T&T Clark
Series: The Library of New Testament Studies
Volume: 540


For two centuries scholars have sought to discover the historical Jesus. Presently such scholarship is dominated not by the question ‘Who was Jesus?’ but rather ‘How do we even go about answering the question, “Who was Jesus?”?’  With this current situation in mind, Jonathan Bernier undertakes a two-fold task: one, to engage on the level of the philosophy of history with existing approaches to the study of the historical Jesus, most notably the criteria approach and the social memory approach; two, to work with the critical realism developed by Bernard Lonergan, introduced into New Testament studies by Ben F. Meyer, and advocated by N.T. Wright in order to develop a philosophy of history that can elucidate current debates within historical Jesus studies.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Philosophy
1. Critical Realism
2. Research and Interpretation
3. History and Dialectic
Part II: Historiography
5. The Ecclesiastical Situation
6. The Evangelical Situation
6. Conclusion