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The Eschatology of 1 Peter: Considering the Influence of Zechariah 9–14 (by Kelly D. Liebengood)
Part of Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series
DATE PUBLISHED: October 2015
ISBN: 9781107566163


The author of 1 Peter regards Christian suffering as a necessary feature of faithful allegiance to Jesus, which precedes the full restoration and vindication of God’s people. Much previous research has explored only the cause and nature of suffering; Kelly D. Liebengood now addresses the need for an explanation for the source that has generated this particular understanding. If Jesus truly is God’s redemptive agent, come to restore His people, how can Christian suffering be a necessary part of discipleship after his coming, death and resurrection, and what led the author of 1 Peter to such a startling conclusion? Liebengood analyzes the appropriation of shepherds, exodus, and fiery trials imagery and argues that the author of 1 Peter is dependent upon the eschatological programme of Zechariah 9-14 for his theology of Christian suffering. This book will interest those studying the New Testament, Petrine theology and early Christianity.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The eschatological programme of Zechariah 9-14 and its reception
3. 1 Peter 2.25 and Zechariah’s shepherd-king
4. 1 Peter’s fiery trials and the eschatological programme of Zechariah 9-14
5. Echoes of Zechariah 9-14 in 1 Peter
6. Zechariah 9-14 as the substructure of 1 Peter’s eschatological programme
7. Conclusion.