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The Unity of Male and Female in Jesus Christ: An Exegetical Study of Galatians 3.28c in Light of Paul’s Theology of Promise (by Gesila Nneka Uzukwu)
The Library of New Testament Studies
Published: 11-19-2015
ISBN: 9780567661548


This detailed exegetical study of Gal 3.28c in the light of 3.14-29 and 4.21-31 shows not only how integral this verse is to chapters 3 and 4 of the letter, but also that it is the key to understanding Paul’s theological argument of promise in Galatians. Paul’s use of the story of Abraham in 3.14-29 and of Sarah in 4.21-31 in light of God’s promise to the patriarch and the matriarch in Genesis 17 have implications displays the joint role of Abraham and Sarah in bringing about the promise, and underscores the unity of the believers in Christ. In light of this, Uzukwu examines important aspects of the history of the interpretation of Gal 3.28c. Uzukwu sheds light on the link between Gal 3:28 and the three expressions of gratitude found in Greek writings. Links are also revealed to the three blessings of gratitude that appear at the beginning of the Jewish cycle of morning prayers, Gen 1.27c (in the Septuagint), and the alleged pre-Pauline baptismal formula. She goes further to demonstrate how 3.28c is related to the unity of Galatians 3-4, focusing on the theme of the promise as the text discusses the effect of the Christ event in bringing about the fulfillment of that promise.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. A review of Important Aspects of the History of Interpretation of Gal 3.28C
Chapter 2. Understanding Gal. 3.28C within the Structure of the Letter to the Galatians
Chapter 3. Abraham and the Promise: Gal 3.14-29
Chapter 4. Understanding the Role of Sarah in Relation to the Promise: Gal 4.21-31
Chapter 5. An Exegetical Study of Gal. 3.28, and in particular 3.28C, in the context of the theme of promise
Chapter 6. The Unity of Male and Female in Christ
Conclusion and Summary