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Written To Serve: The Use of Scripture in 1 Peter (by Benjamin Sargent)
The Library of New Testament Studies
Published: 06-18-2015
ISBN: 9780567660848


The use of Scripture in 1 Peter has been subject to much extensive analysis in the last thirty years. In Written to Serve Benjamin Sargent offers an up to date and comprehensive analysis of how 1 Pet 1.10-12 offers a ‘hermeneutic,’ providing an insight into how Scripture is interpreted in the letter. Sargent also argues that the relation of 1.10-12 has been misunderstood. Rather than offering a Christological hermeneutic with a focus on the suffering and glories of Christ, Sargent asserts that the primary importance of 1.10-12 is its orientation of the prophetic witness towards the eschatological community as an act of service. Similarly, rather than offering a theological narrative of continuity between Israel and Christian communities, 1.10-12 may be seen to suggest a narrative of profound discontinuity in which the community in the present is elevated above God’s people of the past.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. 1 Peter 1.10-12: An Hermeneutical Statement?
Chapter 2. Formal Citation of Scripture in 1 Peter
Chapter 3. Allusion to Scripture in 1 Peter
Chapter 4. The Exegetical Background to the Use of Scripture in 1 Peter
Chapter 5. 1 Peter and Theological Interpretation of Scripture