Table of Contents

  • Incongruity, Humor, and Mark: Performance and the Use of Laughter in the Second Gospel (Mark 8.14–21) (Kelly R. Iverson)
  • The Two Angels in John 20.12: An Egyptian Icon of Resurrection (Izaak J. de Hulster)
  • Simon Peter Meets Simon the Tanner: The Ritual Insignificance of Tanning in Ancient Judaism (Isaac W. Oliver)
  • ‘Debtors to the Spirit’ in Romans 8.12? Reasons for the Silence (Andrzej Gieniusz)
  • ‘That There May Be Equality’: The Contexts and Consequences of a Pauline Ideal (L. L. Welborn)
  • Not Salvation History, but Salvation Territory: The Main Subject Matter of Galatians (Sigurd Grindheim)
  • La lettre aux Colossiens: une théologie de la mémoire (Andreas Dettwiler)
  • Pour une Wirkungsgeschichte des lieux: l’exemple d’Haceldama (Régis Burnet)
  • Kann das Salz verderben? Philologische Erwägungen zum Salz-Gleichnis Jesu (Gyula Vattamány)