Table of Contents

  1. Building a Bridge to Somewhere (ROBERT J. PRIEST)
  2. “Double Listening” Revisited: Hearing Listeners without Compromising Faithfulness to the Biblical Text (GREG R. SCHARF)
  3. Exegeting the Audience (ROBERTSON J. MCQUILKIN)
  4. Culture Matters: How Three Effective Preachers (Tim Keller, Rob Bell, Father Pfleger) Engage Culture in the Preaching Event (ROCHELLE L. CATHCART)
  5. Tuning Sermons for Different Ears: Help for Sermon Design from Socio-Linguistics (VICTOR D. ANDERSON)
  6. Sensitivity in Preaching Wrath and Judgment: Contextualization of Roland Allen’s “Full Gospel” for Japanese Buddhists (DAVID J. HESSELGRAVE)
  7. Narrative: Tripping the Memory Banks of the Audience (DEL TARR)
  8. Preaching and Culture: A Phenomenological Study of Korean American Immigrant Church Pastors’ Communication Skills in a Changing Culture (MOOYOUNG LIM)
  9. A Multi perspectival Approach: Preaching to the Multiethnic Congregation (WOOSUNG CALVIN CHOI)