[논문]The Metaphor Of The Divine As Planter Of The People: Stinking Grapes Or Pleasant Planting? (By Jennifer Metten Pantoja)
[논문] Hyphenating Moses: A Postcolonial Exegesis Of Identity In Exodus 1:1-3:15 (By Federico Alfredo Roth)
[논문] Adoption In Galatians And Romans: Contemporary Metaphor Theories And The Pauline Huiothesia Metaphors (By Erin M. Heim)
[논문] From Jesus To His First Followers: Continuity And Discontinuity (By Adriana Destro And Mauro Pesce)
[논문] Authoritative Texts And Reception History: Aspects And Approaches (by Dan Batovici And Kristin De Troyer)
[논문] The Language And Literature Of The New Testament: Essays In Honor Of Stanley E. Porter’s 60th Birthday (edited By Lois K. Fuller Dow, Craig A. Evans, And Andrew W. Pitts)
[논문] New Perspectives On Healing, Restoration And Reconciliation In John’s Gospel (by Jacobus Kok)
[논문] Hearing Kyriotic Sonship: A Cognitive And Rhetorical Approach To The Characterization Of Mark’s Jesus (by Michael R. Whitenton)
[논문] The Scriptural Tale In The Fourth Gospel: With Particular Reference To The Prologue And A Syncretic (Oral And Written) Poetics (by Edward H. Gerber)
[논문] Reading The Bible Across Contexts: Luke’s Gospel, Socio-Economic Marginality, And Latin American Biblical Hermeneutics (by Esa Autero)
[논문] Paul And The Rise Of The Slave: Death And Resurrection Of The Oppressed In The Epistle To The Romans (by K. Edwin Bryant)
[논문] The Alter-Imperial Paradigm: Empire Studies & The Book Of Revelation (by Shane J. Wood)
[논문] Paul’s Language Of Ζῆλος: Monosemy And The Rhetoric Of Identity And Practice (by Benjamin J. Lappenga)
[논문] Dialogue In The Book Of Signs: A Polyvalent Analysis Of John 1:19-12:50 (by Johnson Thomaskutty)