Is It Pesher? Readdressing The Relationship Between The Epistle Of Jude And The Qumran Pesharim (By Blake A. Jurgens)
Did Peter Speak Hebrew To The Servant? A Linguistic Examination Of The Expression “I Do Not Know What You Are Saying” (Matt 26:70, Mark 14:68, Luke 22:60) (By Eran Shuali)
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[목차] Journal Of Biblical Literature 135.3 (2016)
The Yoke Is Easy, But What Of Its Meaning? A Methodological Reflection Masquerading As A Philological Discussion Of Matthew 11:30 (by Matthew W. Mitchell)
John Is No Exception: Identifying The Subject Of εἰμί And Its Implications (by Matthew D. Jensen)
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The Dissembler Of John 3: A Cognitive And Rhetorical Approach To The Characterization Of Nicodemus (by Michael Whitenton)
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The Divine Identity Of Jesus As The Reason For Israel’s Unbelief In John 12:36–43 (by Jonathan Lett)
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Paulus Tragicus: Staging Apostolic Adversity In First Corinthians (by Courtney J. P. Friesen)
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Oddity Of The Reference To Jesus In Acts 4:13b (by Chris Keith)
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Why Should A “Law-Free” Mission Mean A “Law-Free” Apostle? (by Paula Fredriksen)
Torah For The Man Who Has Everything: “Do Not Defraud” In Mark 10:19 (by Michael Peppard)
“The Thoughts Of Many Hearts Shall Be Revealed”: Listening In On Lukan Interior Monologues (by Michal Beth Dinkler)
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Paul’s Understanding Of The Resurrection In 1 Corinthians 15:36–54 (by James Ware)