[논문]The Metaphor Of The Divine As Planter Of The People: Stinking Grapes Or Pleasant Planting? (By Jennifer Metten Pantoja)
[논문] Paulus Beispiels-weise: Selbstdarstellung Und Autobiographisches Schreiben Im Ersten Korintherbrief (By Dominik Wolff)
[논문] The Book Of Revelation And Early Jewish Textual Culture (By Garrick V. Allen)
[논문] Ephesians And Artemis: The Cult Of The Great Goddess Of Ephesus As The Epistle’s Context (By Michael Immendörfer)
[논문] Use Of The Third Person For Self-Reference By Jesus And Yahweh: A Study Of Illeism In The Bible And Ancient Near Eastern Texts And Its Implications For Christology (By Rod Elledge)
[논문] The Testimony Of The Exalted Jesus: The ‘Testimony Of Jesus’ In The Book Of Revelation (By Sarah Underwood Dixon)
[논문] Sense Perception And Testimony In The Gospel According To John (By Sunny Kuan-Hui Wang)
[논문] The Origin Of Divine Christology (By Andrew Ter Ern Loke)
[논문] Reading Revelation As Pastiche: Imitating The Past (By: Michelle Fletcher)
[논문] Hebrews And The Temple: Attitudes To The Temple In Second Temple Judaism And In Hebrews (By Philip Church)
[논문] Diener Des Höchsten Gottes: Paulus Und Die Heiden In Der Apostelgeschichte (By Johannes Nikolai Tischler)
[논문] Hyphenating Moses: A Postcolonial Exegesis Of Identity In Exodus 1:1-3:15 (By Federico Alfredo Roth)
[논문] Suffering In Ancient Worldview: Luke, Seneca And 4 Maccabees In Dialogue (By Brian J. Tabb)
[논문] Ecclesiology And Theosis In The Gospel Of John (By  Andrew J. Byers)
[논문] Suffering In The Face Of Death: The Epistle To The Hebrews And Its Context Of Situation (By Bryan R. Dyer)
[논문] Sinners And Sinfulness In Luke: A Study Of Direct And Indirect References In The Initial Episodes Of Jesus’ Activity (By Slawomir Szkredka)
[논문] Adoption In Galatians And Romans: Contemporary Metaphor Theories And The Pauline Huiothesia Metaphors (By Erin M. Heim)
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[논문] An Apostle In Battle: Paul And Spiritual Warfare In 2 Corinthians 12:1–10 (By Lisa M. Bowens)
[논문] From Jesus To His First Followers: Continuity And Discontinuity (By Adriana Destro And Mauro Pesce)
[논문] Spirit And Word: Dual Testimony In Paul, John And Luke (By Timothy Wiarda)
[논문] Preaching In The New Testament: An Exegetical And Biblical-Theological Study (by Jonathan Griffiths)