[논문] Covenant Renewal And The Consecration Of The Gentiles In Romans (by Sarah Whittle)
Paul And The Creation Of A Counter-Cultural Community: A Rhetorical Analysis Of 1 Cor. 5.1-11.1 In Light Of The Social Lives Of The Corinthians (by Daniel Ho)
[논문] Lifting The Veil: 2 Corinthians 3:7-18 In Light Of Jewish Homiletic And Commentary Traditions (by Michael Cover)
[논문] Matthean Posteriority: An Exploration Of Matthew’s Use Of Mark And Luke As A Solution To The Synoptic Problem (by Robert K. MacEwen)
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[논문] David Being A Prophet: The Contingency Of Scripture Upon History In The New Testament (by Benjamin Sargent)
Why Bíos? On The Relationship Between Gospel Genre And Implied Audience (by Justin Marc Smith)
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[논문] Faith And The Faithfulness Of Jesus In Hebrews (by Matthew C. Easter)
[논문] Representatives Of Roman Rule: Roman Provincial Governors In Luke-Acts (by Joshua Yoder)
[논문] Corinthian Wisdom, Stoic Philosophy, And The Ancient Economy (by Timothy A. Brookins)
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[논문] Bound For The Promised Land (ByOren Martin)
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[논문] Faiblesse Et Force, Présidence Et Collégialité Chez Paul De Tarse (by Loïc P.M. Berge)
[논문] Jesus And The Forgiveness Of Sins (by Tobias Hägerland)
[논문] The Mission Of Jesus (Ed. By Samuel Byrskog And Tobias Hägerland)
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