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[목차] New Testament Studies 63.4 (2017)
Whence The Giant Jesus And His Talking Cross? The Resurrection In Gospel Of Peter 10.39–42 As Prophetic Fulfilment Of LXX Psalm 18 (by Deane Galbraith)
1 Cor 14.34–5 Without ‘in All The Churches Of The Saints’: External Evidence (by Alesja Lavrinovica)
‘Without Lies Or Deception’: Oracular Claims To Truth In The Epistle To Titus (by J. Albert Harrill)
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Anthropological Crisis And Solution In The Hodayot And 1 Corinthians 15 (by Jason Maston)
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Πίστις In Galatians 5.5–6: Neglected Evidence For ‘Faith In Christ’ (by Debbie Hunn)
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Letters And The Topography Of Early Christianity (by Judith M. Lieu)
Are John’s Ethics Apolitical? (Quaestiones Disputatae Session At SNTS)
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Streeter’s ‘Other’ Synoptic Solution: The Matthew Conflator Hypothesis (by Alan Garrow)
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Mark, The Jerusalem Temple And Jewish Sectarianism: Why Geographical Proximity Matters In Determining The Provenance Of Mark (by Timothy Wardle)
Reading First Thessalonians As A Consolatory Letter In Light Of Seneca And Ancient Handbooks On Letter-Writing (by David Luckensmeyer And Bronwen Neil)
Aquatic Display: Navigating The Roman Imperial World In Acts 27 (by Warren Carter)
The Hope Of Creation: The Significance Of ἐφ’ἑλπίδι (Rom 8.20c) In Context (by John Duncan)
Creatio Ex Nihilo And Romans 4.17 In Context (by Jonathan Worthington)
The Song Of Songs In The Teachings Of Jesus And The Development Of The Exposition On The Song (by Peter J. Tomson)
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The Original Prologue To The Gospel Of John (by Martinus C. De Boer)
‘Night’ And ‘Day’ In John 9.4–5: A Reassessment (by Hugo Mendez)
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Roman ‘Family Values’ And The Apologetic Concerns Of Philo And Paul: Reading The Sixth Commandment (by Mary R. D’Angelo)
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Göttersöhne: Lk 1.26–38 Als Kontrasterzählung Zu Einem Römischen Gründungsmythos (by Gudrun Nassauer)
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