[목차] Novum Testamentum 59.4 (2017)
The Production And Trade Of Fish As Source Of Economic Growth In The First Century CE Galilee (By Raimo Hakola)
[목차] Novum Testamentum 59.3 (2017)
Hyperbaton And Greek Literary Style In Hebrews (By S. M. Baugh)
[목차] Novum Testamentum 59.2 (2017)
[목차] Novum Testamentum 59.1 (2017)
The Light From Galilee: The Narrative Function Of Isaiah 8:23-9:6 In John 8:12 (by Kai Akagi)
“Ὦ ἀνόητοι καὶ βραδεῖς τῇ καρδίᾳ”: Luke, Aesop, And Reading Scripture (by William A. Ross)
[목차] Novum Testamentum 58.4 (2016)
The Baptismal Raising Of Lazarus: A New Interpretation Of John 11 (by Bernhard Lang)
[목차] Novum Testamentum 58.3 (2016)
Transformation Of The Mustard Seed And Leaven In The Gospel Of Luke (by David K. Bryan)
Mark’s Paratactic καί As A Secondary Syntactic Semitism (by Armin D. Baum)
[목차] Novum Testamentum 58.2 (2016)
Thinking The Things Of God?: The Translation And Meaning Of Mark 8:33c (by Gerald Wheaton)
Sleepy Scribes And Clever Critics: A Classification Of Conjectures On The Text Of The New Testament (by Bart L.F. Kamphuis, Et Al)
Paul And The Stoic Theory Of οἰκείωσις: A Response To Troels Engberg-Pedersen (by Seon Yong Kim)
[목차] Novum Testamentum 58.1 (2016)
“Your Obedience Is Known To All” (Rom 16:19): Paul’s References To Other Christians And Their Function In Paul’s Letter To The Romans (by Christoph W. Stenschke)
A Survey Of Κοινωνία And Its Cognates In Documentary Sources (by Julien M. Ogereau)
New Testament Scriptural Interpretation In Its Early Jewish Context (by Susan Docherty)
Repentance In Paul’s Letters (by Eckhard J. Schnabel)
[목차] Novum Testamentum 57.4 (2015)
[목차] Novum Testamentum 57.3 (2015)
Perfection Perfected The Stoic “Self-Eluding Sage” And Moral Progress In Hebrews (by Timothy Luckritz Marquis)
Is Hebrews 5:11-6:20 Really A Disgression? (by Ron Guzmán And Michael W. Martin)
[목차] Novum Testamentum 57.2 (2015)
Paul’s Argument Against Gentile Circumcision In Romans 2:17-29 (by Matthew Thiessen)
The “Gospel” In Gal 1:6-7 Revisited (by Ladislav Tichy)
[목차] Novum Testamentum (vol 57, No. 1 [2015])