[논문] The Book Of Revelation And Early Jewish Textual Culture (By Garrick V. Allen)
[논문] The Origin Of Divine Christology (By Andrew Ter Ern Loke)
[논문] Ecclesiology And Theosis In The Gospel Of John (By  Andrew J. Byers)
[논문] The Death Of Jesus In Matthew: Innocent Blood And The End Of Exile (by Catherine Sider Hamilton)
[논문] The Hermeneutics Of Christological Psalmody In Paul: An Intertextual Enquiry (by Matthew Scott)
[논문] Jesus And The Temple: The Crucifixion In Its Jewish Context (by Simon J. Joseph)
[논문] The Pauline Church And The Corinthian Ekklēsia: Greco-Roman Associations In Comparative Context (by Richard Last)
[논문] Riches, Poverty, And The Faithful: Perspectives On Wealth In The Second Temple Period And The Apocalypse Of John (by Mark D. Mathews)
[논문] The Eschatology Of 1 Peter: Considering The Influence Of Zechariah 9–14 (by Kelly D. Liebengood)
[논문] Paul’s Political Strategy In 1 Corinthians 1–4: Constitution And Covenant (by Bradley J. Bitner)
The Role Of Jewish Feasts In John’s Gospel (by Gerry Wheaton)
[논문] Covenant Renewal And The Consecration Of The Gentiles In Romans (by Sarah Whittle)
[논문] Faith And The Faithfulness Of Jesus In Hebrews (by Matthew C. Easter)
[논문] Corinthian Wisdom, Stoic Philosophy, And The Ancient Economy (by Timothy A. Brookins)
[논문] Affirming The Resurrection Of The Incarnate Christ (by Matthew D. Jensen)
[논문] Jesus And The Forgiveness Of Sins (by Tobias Hägerland)
[논문] The Composition Of The Gospel Of Thomas (by Simon Gathercole)
[논문] The Doctrine Of Salvation In The First Letter Of Peter (by Martin Williams)
[논문] The Hermeneutics Of Christological Psalmody In Paul (by Matthew Scott)
[논문] The Eschatology Of 1 Peter (by Kelly D. Liebengood)
[논문] Paul As An Administrator Of God In 1 Corinthians (by John Goodrich)
[논문] Paul And The Rhetoric Of Reversal In 1 Corinthians (by Matthew R. Malcolm)